horse float cameras

Reduce the risk of injury whilst transporting your horse.

Research has shown that regardless of trip length equine transport is a high stress activity for your horse and can result in injury, respiratory, gastrointestinal disease and even worse case death. These issues are present in both long and short trips. The typical signs of stress include loss of balance, scrambling, head tossing/shaking, elevated head, lack of sleeping, horse-horse biting and licking and lead to a horse that is more agitated and anxious during transport.


Physical injuries sustained during transport include laceration, abrasion, contusion and swelling and are twice as likely to occur whilst the vehicle is moving and in the first hour of transport and of these 17% of the injured animals never recover fully. With most injuries the horse has been showing agitated behaviours prior to the occurrence. Whilst there is no definitive statistics available on the frequency of injury some credible studies give the rate of 45% over 2 years in both commercial and non-commercial transport situations which result in economic loss to the owners of the horses.

The RVview range of professional grade wired or wireless cameras allow you to monitor the well being of your horse whilst in transit in full High Definition.

Why RVview ?

I have tried various systems prior to this unit. Was always wary of ‘wireless’ systems due to previous technology not being good enough. Justin assured me thru their own experience, the awesome capabilities of RVview is the new standard. I was sold!! SUPER happy with the display, very satisfied with the service. Thankyou :)

Stephen L – Customer

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