what is fullHD ?

Full High Definition (fullHD) is the latest camera technology system that refers to the number of pixels per frame. They can generally be classified as follows:


480P is 640×480 pixels per frame which equates to 307,200 pixels or 0.307 Mega Pixels. 480P is referred to as Standard Definition (SD). There are a few 720×480 on the market that are around 0.35 Mega Pixels SD.
720P is 1280×720 pixels per frame which equates to 921,600 pixels or 0.92 Mega Pixels. 720P is referred to as High Definition (HD) and has 3x as many pixels as a SD camera
1080P is 1920×1080 pixels per frame which equates to 2,073,600 pixels or 2.07 Mega Pixels. 1080P is referred to as Full High Definition (fullHD) and has 6x as many pixels as an SD camera


SD generally uses a monitor with an LCD panel of 720 x 480 pixels or less. Some very low grade systems (typically cheap mirror monitors) only have 480 x 272 which is no wonder that you cant actually see anything on them
HD and fullHD use higher grade IPS LCD panels that are between 800 x 480 and 1024 x 600 pixels in 5″ to 9″ panel sizes

99% of all reversing cameras on the market are the older Standard Definition type (or even worse, they are rated by TVL or “effective” pixels). It is important to check the specifications of the equipment that you are buying to make sure you know what you are getting. Unfortunately we have seen a trend where some large players are not publishing their specifications as they are lower than 480P grade, BEWARE. We have a short list at the bottom of some cameras on the market and known specifications (direct from their data sheets) for comparison.

What type of screen is used in a fullHD system?

In a HD/FullHD system a special type of higher quality screen called an IPS screen is used rather than the older type of LCD screens found on systems for SD. An IPS screen has 1.6x more pixels per square centemeter giving a much sharper image with better colour resolution.

Monitors for fullHD cameras are generally 1024 x 600 pixels for a 7” monitor vs standard 800 x 480 (or worse, some at the bottom end of the market are 480 x 234).

Wireless, or not?

Technology has changed a lot in the last 5 or 10 years and wireless technology has changed as well. Old wireless systems were terrible, always dropping out, freezing and having a high latency of motion. Today however, the technology has advanced to a point where the image is so good that you wouldn’t know that it was wireless. Add to that there are no ongoing cable hookups to be done and no more replacing suzie cables when they get damaged there are some real benefits to going wireless.

Is wireless fullHD more expensive?

Whilst the wireless fullHD camera kit is a little more expensive that a standard wired camera system the savings in installation costs are substantial, giving a total cost of ownership that is much less than a wired system and at the same time providing a substantive improvement in image quality. If however your vehicle and van is already wired with standard 4 pin connections the equation is more equal and it really comes down to convenience.

Typical Specifications of common Reversing Cameras and Monitors


BrandProduct CodePixels as per specificationsMegaPixels
Furion Wireless 5″FOS05TASF720×480 = 345,6000.35
Furion Wireless 7″FOS07TASF720×480 = 345,6000.35
NCENCE70MRCB648×488** = 316,2240.32
RVviewAll RVview cameras1920×1080 = 2,073,6002.0

** listed as “Effective Pixels” or 420 TVL


BrandProduct CodePixels as per specificationsMegaPixels
Furion Wireless 5″FOS05TASF720×480 = 345,6000.35
Sphere MirrorBTM-7100S480×273 = 131,0400.13
NCENCE70MRCB800×480 = 384,0000.39
NCENCE70MRCB800×480 = 384,0000.39
RVviewMW7HD, MW71HD, M7OR, M51024 x 600 = 614,4000.62

Please check these numbers for yourself

I have tried various systems prior to this unit. Was always wary of ‘wireless’ systems due to previous technology not being good enough. Justin assured me thru their own experience, the awesome capabilities of RVview is the new standard. I was sold!! SUPER happy with the display, very satisfied with the service. Thankyou :)

Stephen L – Customer

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