A note about Wireless

To or not to.. Wireless?

We hear a lot of comments about wireless, especially on forums or social media, and whilst well meaning most of the comments are about 5 years out of date and do not relate to today’s technology. People have generally seen a wireless system years ago that was poor quality and had multiple issues or they have looked at a really cheap imported product from ebay or the like and wondered why it is only good for taking up some space in the bin.


There are even some larger, but uninformed companies in the industry still saying that you have to go wired… sorry but its time to catch up to 2023 guys, I would be happy to show you.



We have been dealing in high grade (fullHD only) wired and wireless cameras for quite a while now. We have supplied a lot to the industry and changed a lot of peoples minds when it comes to wireless. So, if you haven’t seen one of our systems then we would recommend that you do, not only is it better than your run of the mill wired kits but its wireless that performs.


Just as a last comment, at one point in time I recall having to plug a computer into an Ethernet port to connect to a network, its been quite a while since I have had to do that… yes, wireless can and does work!

I have tried various systems prior to this unit. Was always wary of ‘wireless’ systems due to previous technology not being good enough. Justin assured me thru their own experience, the awesome capabilities of RVview is the new standard. I was sold!! SUPER happy with the display, very satisfied with the service. Thankyou :)

Stephen L – Customer

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